becoming a statistic

I think this blog is so important for people in our society today. We are so imaged based and it can really destroy a person. It takes a brave soul to talk about it and I think this piece really stands out! If you or someone you know is suffering from an eating disorder visit: http://www.nationaleatingdisorders.org/find-help-support

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#100daysofhappiness: Day 99 and 100

FINALLY, the LAST #100daysofhappiness post!

I love getting to enjoy a cup of coffee on our front porch.  PS have I said how much I really just love Tervis Tumblers?

And for my last picture I leave you with a John Lennon quote.  Happiness if what you should strive for in life and while life is tough you can find small miracle and goodness in the everyday things!


While this experience has been so much fun challenge it has been hard to remember to stop and take pictures all the time! I am ready to get back to regular updates and posts!


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#100daysofhappiness: Day 23

With trying to incorporate healthier food into my diet I ventured to the store to buy some almond milk to use in my cereal and smoothies! I am excited to try something new… who knows I may LOVE it!

What is something new you have tried in your diet recently?photo-1

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Two Cents Tuesday


Here goes my first real opinion blog post.  I don’t feel like these will happen often but here it goes!

I love makeup! I love the different things I can do and the confidence it gives me. I have had on and off acne my entire life and mix that with skin that scars very easily… you get the picture.  It has taken a lot of my 20’s to gain confidence to go into public with no makeup on.

I am usually one that is willing to try something new before it is a trend.  There are TONS of makeup/beauty trends right now that I LOVE but there is one that’s become popular that I am not interested in trying and it is make up contouring! Now some people contour wonderfully and they accent their favorite features.  However, SOME PEOPLE ARE UNRECOGNIZABLE! To me this makes no sense…. everyone is beautiful and yes we all have some features we don’t like but to change your entire face with makeup just seems so sad!

This one is subtle and accents the woman’s features. Love how it plays up where light would hit your face! Now THIS is something I would be willing to try!

b605cb07258bb13262e6ad63eff8450eHere is the direct link.

Here is one where the young woman even admits this makeup being deceiving!


Here is the direct link.

Now some of the ones below are alright but some don’t even look like themselves…. like the 1st and 4th.


Here is the direct link.

I am not trying to be judgmental as the women are all beautiful in their before and in their after.  My hope is that they are comfortable in their own skin and are just contouring for fun, not trying to hide themselves.

I love fashion and watching the latest trends but I am also aware of the pressure it puts on women to look a certain way.  As much as I want my 5’2″ frame will never be super model height…  I learned long ago to embrace being petite! So with that I just think some of this makeup contouring has gone haywire!  Love the skin your in people and use makeup to accent your beauty not hide it!

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I knew this day would come sooner than I thought but today I found out my 10 year class reunion is in 6 months….

I feel like at the age I am at many friends are struggling with their identity and if they are where they thought they would be at this age….

Here is a reflection of what I thought I would be vs. where I am.


-Marriage.  I made a VERY dumb promise to my high school boyfriend that if we weren’t married by 30 we would marry each other…. Thank goodness I am married… I dodged a bullet there… AH to be young and in love! ha!

-Job.  I think in many ways (as with many in my generation), we grew up during a great time but around the time of college graduation the economy sunk… I had NO idea what I wanted to do when I went to college, but it all fell into place. Thus, I am happy with what I do now but man I struggled to get here.  I have also learned to find happiness in where I am volunteering and giving my time back.

-Family.  No kids yet but two great dogs.  I want kids just hasn’t happened yet! But I can say I NEVER would have guessed the tragedies that would strike my family (who would?!) BUT I can say I knew my family was strong and now I see where that strength helped us bond together and lift each other up.  I know moving forward major events will be bittersweet with out my mom but she is watching and guarding us, I know it!

-Location. Had you told me I would live in Texas 10 years ago, I probably would have laughed at you.  But now it is my home and my Texas family is growing.  It wasn’t easy to leave my friends and it sure was hard making new ones but I have and they are loyal souls that I am glad have made their mark in my life.

-Life. I think that I have grown into my skin.  I am content in life and am excited and curious as to what is to come.  I am sure I will continue to grow, learn and I am sure my strength will be tested but that is Life, gotta get through the bad to enjoy the good! 🙂

How much have you changed in the past 10 years?

Just for some giggles here is one of my oldest friends and myself (we have know each other for almost 22 years, SHESH), side by side at my Senior Prom (Can you say, HELLO, FAKE BAKE!)Then side by side before my wedding ceremony.