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Today is my LITTLE brother’s 25th birthday! It is so hard to believe he is that age! He has been through more than what most go through in a lifetime and I envy his courage and enthusiasm.  When I think of my brother I picture the 13 year old kid in his baseball uniform  drinking a DP.

Growing up during holidays and birthdays my Mom had us write notes to each other that were things that we liked about each other.  So to keep up tradition here are 10 things I love about my brother [in no particular order].

1. His strength.  We [he especially] had a tough few years with his accident and my mom passing away.

2. His determination.  He is pushing through and working on completing his degree.

3. His passion.  He loves baseball and continues to find ways to stay involved.  Currently he is coaching little league!

4. His enthusiasm. He is excited to try new things and keep up with old hobbies

5.  His braveness.  He takes on the world with life experience and determination.

6. His humor. We can share memories and humor of growing up and our hometown.

7. His intelligence.  This kid is so smart.  He can remember so many baseball stats it blows my mind.

8. His caring for others. He loves his family, friends and doggie.  No doubt that he would do anything for anyone he cared about at the drop of a dime.

9. His courage.  It take courage to face life after traumatic things.  He has been through two and gets up and moves forward.  Such a great person to look up to!

10. His humble self.  He doesn’t preach to others what he has been through and doesn’t want anyone to treat him any different!

These are just SOME of my favorite things I love about my brother…. I could go on for awhile though! 🙂

And here is a little #TBT jewel.


Do you have siblings?  What do you love about them?  Did your parents have you do funny things like make list for each other?

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#100daysofhappiness: Day 37

Sooooo I made my post from the other day into a community Buzzfeed article.  I don’t plan on doing that often but I was proud of my humor.  Below is a snapshot and here is the link.

Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 3.35.04 PM

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30 Thoughts During Barre Class

For those of you who know me know I LOVE barre… I am a “Barre Junkie”.  However, the internal thought process that happens before and during class is quite entertaining (IMO).  Some people are so confident in working out, me not so much. The first time I ever went to class felt like the first day of cheerleading practice.  I was super nervous.

This post is meant to encourage people to try new things and realize even the most expierneced ones are attending the class to challenge themselves too! Who knows in a few months the “newbies” may be looking at you thinking WOW they are good! Hope these thoughts give you a few chuckles!





  1. I wore my cutest workout outfit today…. It will help my talent shine through. [More on Barre Fashion next week ;)]
  2. Gotta be early so I can get MY mat.
  3. OK. Got MY mat. Start stretching so you don’t feel awkward.
  4. I really hope I’m not the only non-ballerina looking, uncoordinated one in the class.
  5. There’s the instructor. Time to start. Man I wish I could have that body. Maybe if I do barre twice a day for like forever I could…. She probably doesn’t even eat pizza….
  6. Warm up time. AND march, march, march… Don’t fall over onto the person next to you.
  7. Ugh already time to plank…. Geeze.
  8. Thank goodness that’s over…. Arm workout engage.
  9. My shoulders are going to fall off… these 3 lb weights feel like 25lbs…. I definitely could never do crossfit.
  10. Ok leg on the barre…. Pretend you are a ballerina….
  11. Wow, everyone in class must have been a dancer their whole life… they all are SO much more graceful than me.
  12. I really should have stuck with dance… I could have been a Broadway star.
  13. SHE SAID GET THE BLUE BALLS OUT…. How does no one else think this is funny.
  14. Chair… I hate chair… more than planking even….
  15. Squeeze the blue ball… on relevé… this.hurts.bad.
  16. This better help me get a thigh gap.
  17. TRIPLE TIME?!??!
  18. Pretzel? Man, this instructor is doing ALL of my LEAST favorite moves
  19. My legs and butt should definately look like a supermodel buy the end of this class
  20. Blue Balls are back in action for core work [internal giggling]
  21. Pelvic thrust. Thank god guys aren’t in this class
  22. ABS. OF. STEEL.
  23. Oh I really like this song…. Has music been playing this whole time?
  24. Back dancing…. This.is.awkward. I hope no one is looking at me.
  25. Stretch time. YES. I see the light.
  26. Happy baby, I hope my pants aren’t see through…. Lululemon I am talking to you.
  27. Ugh I hate stretching my IT band. Not relaxing.
  28. Woah… I think my flexibility is improving…. I am practically a gymnast.
  29. Ahhh lay down and relax time. I DOMINATE this.
  30. Yay, clap for everyone you survived!!! I feel like wonder woman and I’m one class closer to actually being good at this. BROADWAY HERE I COME.
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#100daysofhappiness: Day 36

My girl “Intern Casey” is crazy! She is one of my favorite people to turn to about social media.  Well my email went crazy and what do I find?  Casey has gone crazy on liking blog posts!  Made my heart smile.

Stay tuned, I think after this she deserves a guest blog spot!!


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#100daysofhappiness: Day 27

Went out for a low key dinner tonight.  I splurged and ate a cheeseburger… IT WAS FABULOUS!  I saw this shirt and it made me chuckle.  Now I know people have different dietary beliefs and everyone can choose what they want.  Please know this picture isn’t meant to offend just think it is funny!


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Fort Worth Favorites

Oklahoma holds such a special place in my heart but I really have fallen in love with Fort Worth, TX.  Here are a few of my favorite things! Somethings may not be Fort Worth ONLY but I didn’t experience them until I moved here!

Screen Shot 2014-03-16 at 5.37.31 PM


Joe T. Garcias– Their marge will knock you off your feet! Such a great patio too! They do have a limited menu but the food is great!

The Original– Typical mexican food but it is a Fort Worth staple! We have tried most menu items and they have all be yummy!

Lucille’s– LOVE their brunch but their seafood is AMAZING too!

Old South– A fort worth staple open 24 hrs! GERMAN PANCAKES for the WIN!

The Woodshed– Outdoor seating with unique smokehouse choices.

RailHead– Texas BBQ at it’s best!

Winslow’s– Wine and cheese… can’t beat the cool atmosphere!

Hoffbrau- Steak, Steak, Steak… YUMMYY and great prices!

Swiss Pastry Shop– Black Forest Cake is AMAZING… not like a typical one but it will rock your world people.


Billy Bob’s– Country music at its best! Have been to several converts and we love the atmosphere [very intimate]! At an Eli Young Band concert we caught a guitar pick and drum stick!

Movie Tavern– Drinking and movie… unlike the place in Oklahoma the whole theater can drink as long as you are 21! Ticket prices are reasonable too!

Concerts in the Garden– Summer time, music, food and drink.  The FW Symphony has different themes and collaborations so you can attend for the music you love most!

Four Day Weekend– Similar to “Whose Line is it Anyway”, this 4 man group will keep you laughing!


Colonial– Caddy races, drinking and great scenery!


Neiman Marcus– Top notch designers and several great sales throughout the year!

Apricot Lane– CUTE boutique. I am OBSESSED with their fleece lined leggings.


Smart Barre Class– LOVE these classes and can’t wait to see my body change!

Zeeba– Meredith is my girl and helps keep my hair looking fab.

I will continue to add to this list! What Fort Worth Places do you feel I missed or maybe that I should try?