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ThredUp Clean Out Kit

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Get a ton of stuff this holiday season and need to get organized in your closet.  Take a moment to check out ThredUp.  I have shared my love of them before and wanted to let you all know how easy the other side of the process is… which is “selling” your previously loved items.

It is so easy to head to ThredUp and order a kit, they also explain how to clean out.  You have a couple different options [like if you want to donate what they don’t accept or if you want it sent back].  Once your kit arrives it comes with great information on how much items are valued at and what brands they look for. They also let you know their standards of accepting items. Fill the bag and sit it out for the post office to pick up or head to an approved drop location!


Once your order is processed everything is online and you can see what was automatically purchased from you and what they are listing!

This was such a great way for me to get rid of a good amount of items without having to leave my house… which is key if you are a busy mom or person like me!  I can’t wait to do another clean out soon!

Some other cool things to think about is how shopping and selling secondhand helps contribute to sustainability!

Have you tried ThredUp before? If you haven’t use code GABBINGGINGER for 50% off until March!
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