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Just Don’t.

I really don’t know where to being this post… I don’t even know how I feel about posting it.  I began writing it over the weekend when news broke that my best friend’s brother in law was killed in a car accident by a suspected drunk driver.  An innocent 19 year old kid was taken from his family a week before Christmas…at the hands of someone who could have called an uber, a friend or a cab.

I am sad. I am angry. I am heart broken.

A few months into marriage and my best friend and her husband are dealing with the unthinkable; all because someone got behind the wheel who shouldn’t have. I don’t know what to do or say that will help them…I know that not much can be done to take away the anguish they are experiencing.

What I do know I can do is ask you to PLEASE make arrangements for your holiday festivities.  HAVE FUN but be safe.  Make plans AHEAD of drinking, because we know that when you have been under the influence you don’t always make the best decisions.  Simply call an uber, ride home with a friend who you KNOW has been responsible or call a taxi.

just don't do it


I know this message is expressed time and again but please, just stop and think about what your actions may cause.  The holidays should be a time of joy and celebration so please let it be just that and plan ahead for the safety of you and the safety of others.


XOXO Gabbing Ginger


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