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After we had Tripp we quickly realized that the car I had wasn’t the most car seat friendly.  If the car seat was behind the driver my husband couldn’t get the driver seat far enough back from the steering wheel to drive comfortably… and he isn’t the tallest guy.  We wanted to be able to find a great vehicle that could comfortable fit a car seat behind both the driver and the passenger seats without people feeling like they were riding in the dashboard.

I found out that I love that cars.com because they have put so much information together to help families find the perfect car for their needs!


I would recommend checking out Cars.com and also bringing your carseat when test driving.  Try it in many combinations and see.  Thats what we did and it worked perfectly! Cars.com really helps you narrow down your car search, so hopefully you will find a perfect match the first try!


A few last tips….

*If you aren’t sure if your carseat is installed correctly or if you just want to double check take it to a local car seat check!

*Remember, an infant seat only lasts so long.  If you are in the market for a new car but your child is in an infant seat I would also recommend getting the convertible carseat you are wanting to test it out too. If you want to know what carseat I love check on my blog here.

Are you team SUV or Minivan?

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