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Car Seat Smarts

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After we had Tripp we quickly realized that the car I had wasn’t the most car seat friendly.  If the car seat was behind the driver my husband couldn’t get the driver seat far enough back from the steering wheel to drive comfortably… and he isn’t the tallest guy.  We wanted to be able to find a great vehicle that could comfortable fit a car seat behind both the driver and the passenger seats without people feeling like they were riding in the dashboard.

I found out that I love that cars.com because they have put so much information together to help families find the perfect car for their needs!


I would recommend checking out Cars.com and also bringing your carseat when test driving.  Try it in many combinations and see.  Thats what we did and it worked perfectly! Cars.com really helps you narrow down your car search, so hopefully you will find a perfect match the first try!


A few last tips….

*If you aren’t sure if your carseat is installed correctly or if you just want to double check take it to a local car seat check!

*Remember, an infant seat only lasts so long.  If you are in the market for a new car but your child is in an infant seat I would also recommend getting the convertible carseat you are wanting to test it out too. If you want to know what carseat I love check on my blog here.

Are you team SUV or Minivan?

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Mom Hack

I was scrolling though Instagram the other day and came across a GENIUS mom hack that I wanted to share with you guys… all thanks to @aandar2014. I always feel like as moms we need to share the wealth of knowledge.


I ventured to Dollar Tree and found these fruit infuser cups.  Even though the holes on the juice box punch area are smaller than the straw it came with it was easy to punch it through with the straw that came with the cup.  The straws have the thick ring that prevent it from being pulled out… #toddlerproof.  Check out the cup in action below.

This is so perfect for my non milk drinking kid.  So many places have juice boxes but they are a PAIN to deal with since he will squeeze them all over the place.

Seriously, thanks to AAndar2014 for the awesome tip!


What is your favorite mom hack?

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Favorite Things

Fall Fashion Favorites

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With cooler temps rolling in I wanted to put together a list of some of my fall staples and best part is they are all from Amazon so they can arrive quickly! I have linked everything below~ Hope you enjoy!

fall fashion

Leopard Top

Grey Sweater

OTC Sweater

Plaid Vest

Cross Body Bag





What is on your fall “must have” list?

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Soap Box Saturday

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Soapbox is lathering up and getting ready to participate in Global Handwashing Day. I am excited partner again with them to help educate the importance of proper hygiene. Did y’all know that of the 5.9 million under-five (years old) deaths in 2015, almost half were caused by leading infectious diseases and conditions? Between the two, 21-23% could be prevented with simple hand washing.

Such an easy PREVENTABLE thing so I want to help spread the word on #globalhandwashingday, which is on Sunday, October 15.


Y’all know how much I LOVE their products and I am so excited to say I am going to GIVEAWAY the following items!

This is my favorite smell of the group so floral and fresh! I love how well it lathers and that the smell is so refreshing!

This stuff smells so luxurious! It smells like something at a day spa and I love it!  The hand soap itself works great and isn’t drying on my sensitive skin!


So how do you enter? There are lots of ways!
1. Comment on this blog post
2. Comment on my Instagram photo for the giveaway + Follow me [BONUS entries for each friend you tag]
3. RT the giveaway on Twitter + follow me
4. Share my Facebook post or comment on it + follow me
You can do one or all! Each task counts as an entry!
Giveaway will end on Tuesday October 17th at 2pm CST.
Can’t wait to win?  I have a discount code for 10% off! GHD17gabbingginger visit SoapBox to use!

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Empties, Favorite Things

Empties 6.0

Copy of Class of 2021BS Business Administration-2

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Hi everyone I am back at it with another empties products review! Enjoy!


Alba Botanica Foaming Cleanser:

I LOVED this stuff! It worked really well on my skin and I hardly ever had a break out with it.  I am obsessed with this product line and ordering more soon!

Clinque Clarifying Lotion:

Not really a fan of this.  So many people love their facial line and I didn’t hate it but I didn’t like how it made my skin feel.


Loved this stuff! I got it for free from Influenster but am buying another! I think it really helped with my fine lines and mama needs all the help she can get.

Elf powder:

I felt like this powder was ok.  Not a lot of coverage and had a little too much shimmer for my liking.  It worked for the cost though.

Lady Speed Stick:

Great deodorant.  After a workout I feel like the scent of the deodorant got really strong… guess it was working to cover up how bad I smell after a workout! ha!

Yes Face Lotion:

Another dud for me.  I feel like it left my face greasy.

Make up Forever Mascara:

Great mascara, I am not the biggest fan of the brush because I have smaller eyes but I make it work because I love this product!

Tarte BB Cream:

LOVE LOVE LOVE.  This stuff is great for everyday wear to not feel like you have makeup on but gives you that fresh finish.

Fun tip! Cut the top off and use a brush to get extra out.  I usually can get enough for another week or so.  Make sure to store in a ziplock bag!

St. Ives Scrub:

Always a go to scrub for me.  Love the scent and smell.

Up & Up Vitamins:

Another regular go to.  Post baby hair loss is crazy so I am still taking these to help out however I can.

What products do you think I should try next?

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Fall Bucket List

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If you know me you KNOW I love fall for Football Season. But after reading and watching some blogs/vlogs I have been inspired to create a fall bucket list because I LOVE ALL things fall.  I wanted to incorporate it into our home decor so I headed to dollar tree to get some inspiration. I really feel like a visual reminder helps you keep you accountable!

I ended up with garland, leaves and some pumpkins to throw in for good looks! Side note: I purchased the clips from Target. Overall, this project cost me about $10!

Any City Brewers Guild

Also, I wanted to be able to reuse the decor but not feel guilty if I threw out what I wrote on.  So a whole bag of leaves was the perfect solution.

I know it is hard to read on here but here is what I wrote on each leaf:

  1. Go to a pumpkin patch
  2. Drink apple cider
  3. Go trick or treating
  4. Decorate a pumpkin
  5. Take a Hayride
  6. Jump in leaves
  7. Pay it forward
  8. Be thankful
  9. Make smores
  10. Bake a fall favorite

I am SO excited for fall time and for the crisp weather to make its way to Texas… hopefully sooner rather than later.  Hope you enjoyed this super easy craft project!

What is on your fall bucket list?

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