How to Beat Burn Out

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Lately, I have been dealing with major burnout.  I am not sure if it is summer ending or so much going on that now that the end is in sight I am feeling so over it.

Burnout is so hard to deal with whether it is at work, home or with your creative hobbies. Over time I have learned to recognize when I am starting to feel burned out and the following tips and tricks have really helped me overcome that feeling.

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Here are some tips and tricks I have dealing with burnout:

  1. Write down your goals
  2. Write down ideas
  3. Write down thoughts
  4. Make a plan… How do you want to execute the above goals and ideas.
  5. Take a break
    • Get off technology
    • Take a bath
    • Go for a run or walk
    • Breath
  6. Positive affirmations
  7. Write down what you have been proud to accomplish lately

I think these days we all put so much pressure on ourselves to be “doing” so much all the time.  We really have to regroup and to remember the successes and positives in the regular everyday [remember my post about #yayineveryday?]!

Oh yeah and one more bonus tip is to go shopping… but that can get dangerous 🙂

What are some of your tips to avoid/fight burnout?

XOXO Gabbing Ginger

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