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30 for 30 football favorites countdown: Hair-Time

Gameday hair is one of my favorite things! Because weather is so unpredictable I like to do a curly wave to my hair…. It is a go to look for me because if it is humid it turns to a beach like wave and if it is windy it just adds some volume!

The perfect answer to this hair need is to get a blow out! I have been meaning to try out  one of these places but just haven’t gotten a chance.  Here are a couple of my favorite styles from the blow out places I have been eyeing!

I love “Shaken Not Stirred” and ‘Sex on the Beach” from Blow West 7th [Fort Worth Blow Dry Bar]



Now for when I am in Oklahoma for game day I will obviously need to venture out.

Lush Blow Dry Bar– I definitely want to try their:

Amped up volume with big bombshell curls.

Sleek. Sexy. Sophisticated.


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