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Today is my LITTLE brother’s 25th birthday! It is so hard to believe he is that age! He has been through more than what most go through in a lifetime and I envy his courage and enthusiasm.  When I think of my brother I picture the 13 year old kid in his baseball uniform  drinking a DP.

Growing up during holidays and birthdays my Mom had us write notes to each other that were things that we liked about each other.  So to keep up tradition here are 10 things I love about my brother [in no particular order].

1. His strength.  We [he especially] had a tough few years with his accident and my mom passing away.

2. His determination.  He is pushing through and working on completing his degree.

3. His passion.  He loves baseball and continues to find ways to stay involved.  Currently he is coaching little league!

4. His enthusiasm. He is excited to try new things and keep up with old hobbies

5.  His braveness.  He takes on the world with life experience and determination.

6. His humor. We can share memories and humor of growing up and our hometown.

7. His intelligence.  This kid is so smart.  He can remember so many baseball stats it blows my mind.

8. His caring for others. He loves his family, friends and doggie.  No doubt that he would do anything for anyone he cared about at the drop of a dime.

9. His courage.  It take courage to face life after traumatic things.  He has been through two and gets up and moves forward.  Such a great person to look up to!

10. His humble self.  He doesn’t preach to others what he has been through and doesn’t want anyone to treat him any different!

These are just SOME of my favorite things I love about my brother…. I could go on for awhile though! 🙂

And here is a little #TBT jewel.


Do you have siblings?  What do you love about them?  Did your parents have you do funny things like make list for each other?

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