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#100daysofhappiness: Day 45

Here is a daily double for you!  I had some kale that I purchased to use in my smoothies.  It is hard to use it up quick enough before it goes bad.  Thus, in came Pinterest.  I LOVE salt and vinegar chips so I found a recipe on there but I didn’t have red wine vinegar (only had white.) So I made a few tweaks (story of my life when I cook/bake).  Here is the recipe below.

Several handfuls of Kale.

1 TBS Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1 TBS White Wine Vinegar (Distilled)

1/2 TBS Balsamic Vinegar


Preheat over to 350 degrees.  Clean and dry Kale.  In a mixing bowl add oil and vinegars.  Mix in Kale thoroughly. Spread out on baking sheet.  Salt to taste… I LOVE sale but it does go a long way so be mindful of that!Cook for approximately 15mins (until it begins to brown).

Love how it tastes!  It will never replace my kettle chips but flavor is good.  I think Kale taste (and smells) and little like broccoli but with a different texture but it is certainly yummy and MUCH better for my body than the kettle chips.  What is your favorite Kale recipe?



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