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#100daysofhappiness: Day 63

I saw this quote and just really LOVED it!  Sometimes you take a backseat, sometimes you are a team player.  You don’t always have to be in the spotlight!  Such a great thing to remember when you are feeling “in the background”.  Every player is an important one and if you shine and do you job it will pay off! BmXCRJzIQAACWOl

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#100daysofhappiness: Day 60, 61, 62

Weekends seem to be so tough for me to keep up with this! I take pictures but never get the time to post!

So instead of back dating a zillion posts thanks to pic stitch here are my pics from over the weekend!

-We went to a great Agricultural charity event and this centerpiece made me laugh!

-The air show was happening this weekend and We enjoyed it from our own backyard!  LOVE the Blue Angels! Such a cool thing to watch!

-Finally at said charity event we bought [another] Yeti Cooler! We love them!  Also I love my Piggly Wiggly Koozie!


Hope y’all had a great weekend!

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#100daysofhappiness: Day 59

Looking through old pictures is such a fun activity for me.  WIth the popularity of social media post like throwback Thursday and flashback Friday it gives me an excuse to show off some of my favorites! The picture below I don’t remember but it reminds me of so many stories my parents and grandparents have told me about myself from when I was a toddler.

My nickname was “squirrel” from my Grandpa and it was because as a child I had no fear.  Climbed onto or into everything around me.  For those of you who know me know that the irony in me being a no fear child.  I do take risk but my “risk management” side has definitely come out.

You can see how happy I am just by climbing into a basket and I think pure happiness or children is so amazing to see!

Also, side note if I ever become a celebrity and they show “childhood” pictures of me you would totally know it was me.  I have looked exactly the same (except for a little more hair) since I was a baby!


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#100daysofhappiness: Day 58

Wednesday are my designated “Intern Meeting Day”.  They will be ending soon as “Intern Casey” is graduating.  I don’t know what I will do with myself!  Our meetings a funny, productive and ridiculous! I have loved watching a young women grown throughout her college career! Can’t wait to see where her journey takes her!

Today we ventured to Zoes Kitchen.  SO yummy.  Their dressing. ON POINT.




#100daysofhappiness: Day 57

I love things being organized.  “A place for everything and everything in its place.” Being organized can help reduce stress! After the move into our new house our master bathroom has lots of drawers. All of the stuff banging around and getting messy was driving me nuts. So I went on a hunt for a drawer organizer.  I found some options at Homegoods and TJ MAXX but they were over $20… So I went to Garden Ridge and winner winner chicken dinner I found a set for $6.99.  AND bonus it is adjustable…. I need to go buy another set but everything shown in the pic was in one pack!



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#100daysofhappiness: Day 54

April 19th.  A day that I saw how a community could rise up.  Oklahoma is a strong state and I left a little piece of my heart there when I moved to Texas.  On April 19th I was in 3rd grade and understood that a building had exploded.  As a child I didn’t fully comprehend the situation but one thing I saw was how strong the community I lived in is was (and still is).  Oklahoma is resilient.  Oklahoma is strong.  Oklahoma taught me that hero’s run in when others are running out.

There are moments in life that shape generations and for those okies that day our lives where changed forever.  However, when evil showed its ugly face that beautiful community showed me that good can over come! 168 men, women and children lost their lives and I will never forget.  Their spirits live in the hearts of Okies everyday.

While this post isn’t necessarily “happy” it is part of the community I remember and how happy and lucky I was to grow up there.


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#100daysofhappiness: Day 53

Volunteering is one of my passions.  I love getting to help at fundraising events and giving back to great causes.  Last night I was asked to join in helping Cuisine for Healing Survivor’s in Style. A little about this great organization:

When someone is fighting a life-threatening disease, their body needs additional nutrition. Yet, at a time when it’s more important than ever to eat healthy, many cancer patients (and others fighting for their lives), simply do not have access to the kind of food they need, let alone the energy or ability to shop for and prepare healthy meals. 

Healthy, ready-made food needs to be available and easy to find. Cuisine for Healing was created out of this need and OUR MISSION is to make nutritious, delicious food readily available to people combating disease, while providing education about the power of healing food. Our driving VISION is a world where cancer and other related illnesses are prevented, treated and even eliminated through the power of healthy food! 

This event was so fun and they have a fashion show featuring survivors! I love getting the opportunity to give back!  The awesome banner below was donated by D & M Custom Signs… How great is that!


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#100daysofhappiness: Day 52

I have another confession to make…. I am addicted to candles.  We have a large candle in every room in our house and burn them frequently.  One of my FAVORITE scents is Leaves. It smells so crisp and sweet.  I love waiting for the “2 for $22” sale for 3 wick candles at Bath and Body works. PS it is happening RIGHT NOW! PS white barn candles are included!