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#100daysofhappiness: Day 7

Y’all this weekend just got away from me and I totally forgot to post yesterdays picture.  It is a simple one but one of my favorite things…. COFFEE! I don’t drink a lot but I love getting up in the morning and getting a warm cup o joe.

My Keurig is amazing and I thought I would share some of my favorite flavors!

Side note: I love that I can easily make tea and hot cocoa with my Keurig!

Caribou Coffee Blend– Traditional Flavor [Side note I WISH there was a Caribou in Fort Worth!}

GreenMountain Coffee– Hazelnut- Delish!

Folger’s-Vanilla Biscotti- YUM-O


You have to drink coffee out of a mug that puts you in a good mood! Love my Monogram Mug that was a gift but HERE is a cute one!

What is your favorite brew?

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