Enjoying the “Good Stuff”!

Since my most recent posts have been about possessions I wanted to veer in a different direction.  Life isn’t just about nice things [but they sure don’t hurt it ;)]!  BUT life itself is a wonderful gift.  With that being said, my family knows this lesson first hand as we have been through some trials and tribulations.

To give you some background, I am someone who is naturally more “anxious”.  I am a list maker, go getter, and high energy person.  So these tragic events were a domino effect that turned into one of my biggest hurdles to handle so far in life.

In July of 2012 my brother suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury.  My family uprooted and relocated to Eugene, OR to be with him.  After FOUR brains surgeries, and through MANY ups and downs, he is recovered and is doing so well! I am such a proud big sister! He has such strength and determination.  I envy him for his perseverance and braveness everyday!  To find out more about TBI’s see the info graph [OBSESSED with these] and check out this great organization


One year later and less than a month after my wedding my momma [my best friend] suddenly passed away from a heart attack.  Heart disease is the #1 killer of women! For more information check out this awesome campaign.  Tomorrow [Feb. 7th], is go red for women… I will do an OOTD proudly sporting my red outfit!

Thus, the tailspin began…. My anxiety went haywire and I struggled to sleep,eat and function.  I was lucky to work with such wonderful people at Texas Motor Speedway and they help guide me and get me through day-to-day life.  I had a great doctor that helped me also feel more like my self.  Last but not least, my husband, dad and brother were such great support (and still are) we hold each other up and keep my mom’s memory alive!

However, there are still bad days in between the good days! I saw this picture last night on Facebook and it really hit home for me.


I want to start tracking all of the “good” in my life… or at least as much of it as I can.  I think positivity is such a vital part of everyday health and I know life is precious so we should enjoy the GOOD that we have!

My goodies of the week: Family, Pups, a wonderful warm house, friends, food, and I got to have an online shopping spree at Victoria’s Secret!  

What have been your biggest life hurdles and what kept you positive and moving forward!


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