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Obligatory First Post

Basically, I think I am funny so I am starting a blog.  If I could have a camera follow me around I think it would be hilariously entertaining (mostly because I am a klutz/odd things ALWAYS happen to me) [side note does that make it normal since it happens so frequently? I digress].  Anyways,  since E! Network hasn’t offered to film me … this is my “Plan B”.

This blog will be a sore of lifestyle blog because I plan to ramble about life, food, design, fashion, travel, family and any other topics that I deem fit.

I apologize now for any grammar/english/spelling problems.  While I am a perfectionist, I write from my heart and don’t like to proof read.

Now that you know the “why” here is a little about me.

I am married with two fur babies (one account, one miniature dachshund and one mutt).

I was born in Arlington, TX raised in Edmond, OK and moved to Fort Worth, TX a few years ago.

I attended the greatest college in all the land, THE UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA! #Boomer

I LOVE the beach and choose warm over cold most days of the week!

I work for my family business M & J Foods.  We work in the Food Industry and specialize in “Unique Eats.”  One of our most interesting projects is Argus Pizza  *Shameless Plug* follow us @arguspizza and like us on Facebook.

Thats enough about me, you get the gist.

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